Thursday, January 18, 2007

If You Are Thinking About...

...Really following my non-serious how to guide to creating hoax e-mails, or creating some other kind of hoax against a leader of the NDP, I'd think twice.

Canada's NDP is investigating a series of recent hoax press releases and emails that have been picked up by the media. The hoaxes contain quotes falsely attributed to NDP activists criticizing the Party and Leader Jack Layton.

"Using someone's name and attributing quotes to them in a fake press release is outright identity theft. We're taking this very seriously and are working with lawyers to find out who is behind these attacks on NDP members and the Party," said Eric H├ębert-Daly, NDP Federal Secretary.


The Party has sought legal advice on the matter and is determined to find out who is responsible for these false and libellous press releases. "Whoever is creating and distributing these press releases is perpetrating a fraud towards the media, a fraud towards the party and NDP activists. Identity theft is a serious matter and we intend to take all necessary actions in finding out who is behind this situation," said lawyer Laura Colella.

Good on the NDP. People should not steal somebody's identity for some sick, twisted partisan gain. Hopefully the people who are behind this are caught.

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