Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Round 1 Is Done, How Did My Endorsements Do?

The results are in for Round 1 of the Canadian Blog Awards 2006.

At the beginning, I endorsed some bloggers. Let's see how they have done.

First of all, the three of my endorsements that are going on to the second round:

Best Blog Post: Idealistic Pragmatist's Jack Layton's Sinister Mind Control is at first place, leading with 80 votes. Second Place has 72.

Best Religious Blog: Jesus Drives An SUV is at second place, at 81 votes. The first place blog is at 95 votes.

Best Media Blog: Inkless Wells is 1st, at 215 votes.

Of Course, I'm going to continue to endorse these bloggers.

Now, for the results of my other endorsements.

Best Blog: Out of 146 Blogs, my endorsement, A BC in Toronto, placed 57th. Idealistic Pragmatist placed 59th. Calgary Grit placed 7th. All are in the top half, so those bloggers should be impressed by their performances. I never heard of any of the top 5 bloggers before.

Best Conservative Blog: Out of 23 Blogs, Big Mac Political Hack Attack placed 11th, also in the top half. Congrats to him.

Best Progressive Blog: Out of 57, Idealistic Pragmatist placed 11th, which is pretty good. I placed 37th/38th/39th (three blogs tied), so I'm wondering where those 11 votes came from. Thanks.

Best New Blog: Out of 83. I placed 32nd, so I'm happy with that showing. Thanks to the people who gave me 25 votes. Giant Political Mouse placed 48th. Big Mac Political Hack Attack placed 76th-81st, which is too bad, because I think he's quite a good blogger, but I know he must have gotten the support in the Conservative Blog category.

So all in all, not a bad round of voting.

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Shawn Rennebohm said...

Thanks for the endorsements and using your powers for good, instead of evil.. :)