Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pity, No Fireworks. What A Relief

It looks like Harper has managed to defuse the nation resolution from the Bloc Quebecois by putting in his own motion calling Quebec a nation inside Canada.

While I would have liked to see the political fallout from the Bloc resolution, I suppose that it is a good thing that it was stopped.

For now.

The next step in this nation recognition debate is of course, recognizing Quebec as a nation. I think that this issue will flair up if the Liberals get into government, especially because of the events of the leadership campaign.

Oh, and I think that the words "distinct society" won't be sufficient in the next round of constitutional talks. Now Quebec is going to flat out want the word "nation" in there.

While I support this on an ideal level, on a pragmatic level, I don't think ROC Canadians are ready to use the word "nation" in the constitution quite yet. First of all, there needs to be some more education to ROC Canadians on what "nation" means. As a political science student, I know what it means, and by reading Iggy's statements on the matter, one can tell that he is using the political science definition of the word. But most Canadians are not political scientists.

The mess has only really just begun. Actually, maybe I should blame Mulroney on starting it, with his two attempts to one-up Trudeau on the Constitution.


greyburr said...

Harper had an opinion,Graham had an opinion,Duceppe had a pout and Jack had a brain fart.

Northern BC Dipper said...

...And that means what?