Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blog Awards Round 1

It looks like voting for Round 1 of the Canadian Blog Awards is now open. Since I've never been ashamed to say which blogs I like and why, I'm going to shameless endorse the options I like.

Best Blog: I was going to say Calgary Grit, but he/she has already received a few awards already. So I'm going with A BCer in Toronto, who I think brings good insights and original content to the table.

Best Conservative Blog: Not an awful lot of blogs in this section, is there? Personally, I like to read The Big Mac Political Hack Attack: Chaos in Canada, a blogger that is well rooted in Red Toryism and always has something interesting to say.

Best Progressive Blog: Don't even bother voting for me in this section; I'm just not worthy. Who is worthy is Idealistic Pragmatist, who is very good at creating well thought out, long blog posts.

Best New Blog: I like this guy a lot, but he is a shameless self-promoter. The Big Mac Political Hack Attack and Giant Political Mouse are good too.

Best Group Blog: N/A

Best Humour Blog: N/A

Best Photo/Art Blog: N/A

Best Entertainment Blog: N/A

Best Personal Blog: N/A

Best Media Blog: Inkless Wells. He's a must read in Macleans and a must read on the Internet. Is very good at getting a point across in two sentences.

Best Business Blog: N/A

Best Religious Blog: I find Jesus Drives an SUV has a very interesting discussion on many religious subjects. It is also very funny.

Best Sports Blog: N/A

Best Blog Post: Idealistic Pragmatist's Jack Layton's sinister mind control experiment. You know that a blog post is good when you post a link to it during some sort of argument because it sums up your case better than you can. And I've linked to it a lot.

Best Blog Post Series: N/A

Best Activities Blog: N/A

Best Cultural Blog: N/A

Best Family Blog: N/A

Best Local Blog: N/A

Best Sci/Tech Blog: N/A


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Hey, thanks for the plugs!

Northern BC Dipper said...

no problem

shawn said...

Yeah, second that.. thanks.


A BCer in Toronto said...

Thanks dipper. When I look at some of the other names on that category it's heady company, I appreciate the support.