Monday, October 9, 2006

Is The Grades System Capitalism?

Note: This post is not serious

Via Dinner Table Don'ts and Kinch Blog, I have learned of a Blogging Tory who seems to think that sharing pencils in school is promoting communism. I very much disagree with this statement! The school system actually promotes cut-throat capitalism of the worst kind, and I'll tell you how it is done.

Capitalism in schools is promoted by the grades systems. What this does is promote unnecessary competition in our children. For example, a few teachers of mine posted a list of grades. The people on the top of the list (those with the highest grades) then boasted about their grades to the people who were on the middle and bottom of the list. Heck, some of the people who ended up second or third on the list were actually upset. See? Cutthroat competition!

Another example... The students who got the highest grade at the end of the school year got a special award from the teachers. Guess what most students got - yes, nothing! Talk about unequal distribution!

I think that it is time for teachers to unlearn everything that they learned about capitalism and teach our children to share more things - pencils, paper, textbooks - you name it.

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