Monday, March 5, 2007

Preserving The Blogging Dippers

Alright! Enough on this attack on all Blogging Dippers (most who are not anti-semitic), and time to be constructive for the future.

I am going to post a list of suggestions that will hopefully be constructive in improving the Blogging Dippers as opposed to destructive.

First of all, the single operator model that the Blogging Dippers and Liblogs is run on is not working, because when the single operator says something controversial, the entire blogroll is dragged into it, innocent or guilty.

I suggest that the Blogging Dippers get two more operators, in addition to Robert. In this way, the work involved in maintaining a blogroll can be shared and the damage won't be so great when one of the operators says something controversial.

I still think Robert should stay on as an operator, because for one, he owns the server space and domain name. Without those, there is no Blogging Dippers. None. And let's face it, Robert has put a lot of work into the Blogging Dippers.

Secondly, I think that the Blogging Dippers needs a racism/tolerance policy, one that can be a guide regarding the sensitive nature of this issue. Let's be clear on what is acceptable and what is not.

I hope that the adoption of this recommendations will keep the Blogging Dippers unified, as opposed to being split in the manner of Babble, EnMasse, and Bread'n'Roses.

Please comment on this at the new location of Northern BC Dipper.