Monday, March 5, 2007

Cherniak, Keep Your Personal Fights Personal

Here goes Jason Cherniak, again, trying to engulf the blogosphere with his personal conflicts.

Except this time, I'd say he's gone too far. He is abusing his powers as moderator of Liblogs. He is trying to get Blogging Dippers to revolt.

Any Blogging Dipper with integrity should be demanding that Mr. McClelland step down from his position for this shameful display. Either that, or they should attempt to create a competing Blogging Dipper list that does not spew hatred online. I cannot believe that the members of the party of Stephen Lewis could be even remotely comfortable with Mr. McClelland acting as an unofficial spokesperson for them.

See what Cherniak is trying to do. He is using a personal argument to divide his opposition. Classic Divide and Conquer. Imagine how the Libloggers would react if Robert wrote a post asking them to create a new blogroll/revolt.

I find it even more funny that Cherniak is asking Blogging Dippers to revolt considering his history of personal attacks on them.

But Cherinak is going too far this time. He should mind his own business. It is digusting that he is using a personal argument to divide as all.

I am personally going to, and I hope every other Blogging Dipper does too, stand behind Robert and support his continued role as moderator and host of the Blogging Dippers. I am going to support a united Blogging Dippers. I am not, however, going to support every comment that Robert has made.

We are the Blogging Dippers. We decide how we want our organization structured. Not Jason Cherniak. Us!

Please comment on this at the new location of Northern BC Dipper.