Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Maybe We Should Have Asked The Vets How To Be Honoured?

Remember all of that discussion about giving the last WWI Veteran a state funeral? It was a great sentiment.

However, none of the three surviving WWI Veterans want a state funeral.

The niece of the eldest surviving veteran, Lloyd Clemett, said this:
He himself feels that there should not be attention to the last person but the attention should be given to all of them.
Personally, I had the same concern.

However, this statement disturbs me a little:
But Rudyard Griffiths, who is the head of the Dominion Institute, the Canadian heritage organisation that mounted the original campaign for the event, warns that the government should not ignore the will of parliament.

"If something is offered that is less than that (a state funeral), I think there will be some legitimate disappointment," said Mr Griffiths.
If the Canadian Government held a State Funeral, against the well of the persons receiving it, I think that it would very disrespectful. Actually, I'd say it would be paramount to urinating on one's grave. Then again, scientists removed and preserved Albert Einstein's brain when he died, despite his wishes to be cremated.

Luckily, however, it looks like the government is looking at other options.

I think that the Veterans understood our intent with the state funeral, and hopefully they are happy about that. However, it is our responsibility to let them have the funeral of their choosing.

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