Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Interesting Poll From The Past

Actually having time to read for pleasure right now, I've been reading John Crosbie's, a Mulroney-era minister, autobiography No Holds Barred.

And this piece of information, a Decima Poll, around August 1993, two months after Kim Campbell became leader of the Progressive Conservatives and Prime Minister, is really interesting to me:

Decima Poll, among decided voters,:
Progressive Conservatives 35%
Liberals 29%
Bloc Quebecois 9% (33% in Quebec)
NDP 8%
Reform 8%

Source: John Crosbie, No Holds Barred: My Life in Politics. Page 457.

We know the result of that election, in October. The Liberals won a majority government.

The interesting question is: can parallels be drawn from this poll from the past and recent polls?

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