Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Conservative Cuts Affect Northern BC

I just found this article on the CBC. It looks like the mayor of my city, Colin Kinsley, is rather ticked off that the Conservatives took away the unspent money set for combating the pine beetle. This line in the article is particularly interesting.
Mayor Colin Kinsley is challenging the government's claim that communities hit by the beetle infestation failed to use the funds, saying Prince George's application for assistance was turned down.
As I've mentioned before, Prince George and the rest of BC's North depend on the forestry industry to make a day-to-day living. Let me tell you, we need all of the resources we can get to fight this pine beetle epidemic. Heck, there is an article released today on the local online news website, Opinion 250, that stated the fact that the local School Board needs more money just to remove the trees killed by the beetle on its property.

$11.7 Million may not be much in the grand scheme of things; however, it is a symbolic blow to the residents of Northern BC.

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Jan_ from_ BruceCounty said...

I have thinking about why the cons cut funding to the beetle program, particularly as it has huge ramifications in BC and the lumber industry. This is what I think: it's a red herring. With public outcry, along with the lumbar industry, the cons will relent - getting to show "that they care and are responsive listeners," therefore being accountable to the public interest. It will also make the lumber industry play ball with them. Let's see. Remember, if they are following the same strategy as the neocons did in Ontario during their stupid revolution, the goal was to divide and conquer, cause turmoil, and create a crisis.