Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Search For The Escape From The Wrath of Khan

(Decided to keep up the Star Trek references for the Liberal MP Wajid Khan affair. Couldn't find another Steinbeck title though.)

Just received another update on the Khan Affair via Big Mac Political Hack Attack. It looks like Khan is now willing to temporarily give up his opposition critic post for his government Mideast advisor post that he got from Harper and that he is not attending the Liberal Summer Caucus meeting.

Well, it looks like the Liberals were smart enough to see that Harper laid a trap for them, and decided to get out of it. Well, some Liberals. Bill Graham, the temporary leader of the Liberals gave Khan his blessing to take the position. If it were up the Graham, Harper's trap would still be going to plan. However, it looks like there was a revolt of Liberal MPs, led by Maria Minna, that wanted Khan out of the picture or out of his new position.

Well, all this shows is that the Liberals have no direction and can't keep order among themselves. Why should they run the country when they can't even effectively run themselves. Does the Khan Affair add fuel to the assertion that they are incompetent and should not run the country again. You betcha!

As for Khan himself? It looks like he's trapped; a mouse in a blocked off mousehole, so to speak. He has two choices: come crying back to the Liberals or go for the Conservatives. Considering that he seems to be dropping his Liberal obligations, he might just go to the Conservatives. But if he does so, I'll bet that Harper won't allow him in, unless an election was very near. Harper knows that he does not need another Emerson Affair. I'd see Khan as one sad little Independent

But I'll bet you that when Khan makes his announcement on Friday, Harper will be ready to tell the media that the Liberal Party does not want to make Parliament work. He might throw in that the Liberals "do not have their stuff, together", as they say.

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Shawn Rennebohm said...

Were they smart enough to see the trap and try and get out of it? Or dumb enough to fall into another one? By tearing Khan up publicly they look divided indeed..