Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is Change Coming To Quebec? Dunno (Corrected)

Correction: I used the wrong polling data. See update below.

Now, I can't say I know too much about Quebec politics, but this is rather interesting.

A poll by La Presse puts the Liberals (PLQ) at 32%, the PQ at 25%, and the Action Democratique Quebec (ADQ) at 30%.

Now plug this poll into this nice seat-projector generator nicely pointed out by Paul Wells.

The seat results? PLQ 47 seats, PQ 33 seats, ADQ 45 seats.

Now, the question I'd have is this: would such an election result be enough to begin a transformation of Quebec politics from a sovereigntist-federalist axis to a left-right axis?


Okay, let's use the real polling data, and not just polling from the Quebec City Region.

PLQ: 36%
PQ: 31%
ADQ: 21%

With the seat results from the generator as follows.

PLQ: 52
PQ: 54
ADQ: 19

I still think my question above would still be valid.

Another interesting thing is the seat results for the Quebec City Area, using the polling data I was using before.

PLQ: 1 (-8)
PQ: 1 (-1)
ADQ: 9 (+9)


Scott Tribe said...

Antonio of Fuddle Duddle just said this is a poll for the Quebec Region only, not the entire province.

Northern BC Dipper said...


But pluging in those poll results for the Quebec City Region into the generation for just the Quebec City Area brings up some interesting results.