Monday, January 22, 2007

With Environmental Heroes Like Dion, Who Needs Enemies?

Stephane "Fossil" Dion is supposed to be a champion of the environment, according to the rhetoric by his leadership campaign and political party.

However, looking at his words and action in the past and present, I've got the feeling that Dion is not going to do much for the environmental at all.

Let's look at his time as Environment Minister. As most people know, Dion got a few awards during his time on the job. Unfortunately, the awards were of the fossil of the year variety, which are given to governments that get much done on the environment.

As well, during Dion's time as minister, plans to increase oil-sands production by 5-fold were launched. As most know, the oilsands are one of the largest polluters in Canada, and such expansion would affect the environment greatly. Dion's response on this: that he knew nothing about the plan. Sure, and Paul Martin, as Finance Minister, didn't know anything about the sponsorship scandal.

And how about Dion's actions as Liberal Leader? Not much better.

For instance, Dion would like to see more so-called "clean" coal power plants to generate electrical power; never mind the fact that the technology is unproven and needs more research.

Most telling of how much Dion cares about the environment is his reaction to the NDP's hard work in getting Harper to create a all party committee where the Clean Air Act could be amended in its entirety. Instead of cooperating with the other party and creating good environmental legislation, Dion and the leaders instead attacked the NDP, accusing them of proping up the Conservatives. Why, one asks? Because the Liberals want any environmental legislation to fail under Harper and the Conservatives so that they can use the issue in an election.

It just goes to show that if Canadians want a government that will do something on the environment, that they should elect the NDP, where the leader actually walks the talks and lives in a environmentally friendly home.

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