Monday, January 8, 2007

Still The 'Stache 'Cause There Was No Stash Of Cash

Catching up on the blogs after a trip to Victoria, it seems that there is some discussion over Jack Layton's moustache: specifically regarding its status after a radio charity contest.

James Bow is wondering why Layton's 'stache is still on his face after he pledged to shave it off for charity if an Ottawa radio station donated $1000 to children's charities. The answer to this question is simple: The radio station did not manage to raise $1000 dollars.

According to the March 9th 2006 issue of the Ottawa Sun:
"[The charity campaign] wasn't a big success," KISS-FM station manager Danny Kingsbury told Sun Media.
"I guess in hindsight, what's the motivation for listeners to donate money so that he shaves his moustache off? In terms of getting wallets opened, it didn't really do what we thought it might."

Kingsbury said the amount raised was "very, very minimal -- just pittance."
But let's think a minute: is Jack Layton's moustache only worth a tiny $1000? Imagine how much media attention the NDP would get if Jack removed the 'stache? That alone would be the equivalent of many hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads.

Personally, I think Layton should have removed his moustache before he gave his keynote speech at the NDP Convention. I mean, think about it: The NDP is seriously going for government, and new, clean-shaven Layton would be its Prime Minister.

But in case you are curious, here is how Jack Layton's face looks in its various forms, thanks to Sweet Neo-Conned.

With the 'Stache

Without the 'Stache

As partisan Liberals and Conservatives see him


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Wait, wait, I thought he promised to shave it off if Olivia Chow was elected to Parliament?

Northern BC Dipper said...

According to the article I linked to, there were actually three conditions

First, the station will have to raise a significant amount of cash for charities in both Ottawa and in her Toronto riding;

Second, she has to win her Trinity-Spadina riding, a race she lost by 800 votes in the 2004 election to Liberal MP Tony Ianno; and

Third; it can only occur during the spring or summer, so that Chow can be present for the drastic change and have time to accustom herself to Layton, sans lip hair.

Sean S. said...

I think he should get rid of it, just for a try....