Monday, December 18, 2006

NDP Communcations Are So Great Nobody Knows Who The Communcations Director Is

This Communications things keeps getting more interesting...

Now, apparently Brad Levigne is not the Director of Communications, but somebody with the name of Joanne Deer. From Devin Johnston's website:
Brad Levigne is not the party’s Communications Director. He works for the caucus, not the party. Joanne Deer is the party’s Communications Director.

Brad is also not the person who oversees the party website, so any comments about the NDP’s online presence should not be associated with him.
Wow, this is a pretty good trick, considering that the NDP website claims something else (picture taken 7:00 pm Pacific Time, December 18th, 1006)

Click on the picture, and it quite clearly states that Brad Levigne is the Director of Communications for Canada's NDP, and that Ian Capstick handles the caucus.

Man, I'm really afraid for the party here, if they can't even keep their Director of Communications straight.

And even if Brad Levigne is not the Director of Communications, the fact is, there is still something wrong with the NDP Communications Department that needs to be corrected fast. Even without the concerns about the blogs and the internet, which is what everybody else has seemed to pick up on, the fact is NDP Communications have been screwing up big time, delivering a muddled message on Afghanistan, sending crappy e-mails, and so on.

It's time for a major reorganization in the NDP's Communications Department, and I don't care if it is Brad Levigne or Joanne Deer that is let go. Its time to correct this major problem before it is too late.

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berlynn said...

They should hire me. I could really use the big bucks!