Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogging Consultations

Okay, so we know that Blogging Dippers think that the NDP needs to support its bloggers.

Well, its time for positive suggestions, so that in the end, the party that most of us support, benefits.

Therefore, I hope that everybody will take the chance to submit suggestions to Devin Johnston's Online Consulations (Part I). He is preparing a report to be sent to the NDP, and wants bloggers to have input into it. Then he will release a draft report in which there can be more consultation.

I will be submitting a few proposals.

However, I do have a request. It would be nice to receive some word from Federal Office that they are willing to consider the report. Maybe the easiest way would be to send a quick e-mail to Robert McClelland, administrator of the Blogging Dippers, at, who could then post a copy of the e-mail. I think that this would be the best way to reduce tensions around here.


Devin Johnston said...

Per your request:

Hi Devin -
Just wanted to thank you for undertaking this consultation - I look forward
to seeing the results!
I've also sent Robert McClelland a note saying that Fed office will
absolutely appreciate any ideas that come out of this so hopefully the word
will also get out on Blogging Dippers.
Thanks again for taking this positive step -
Joanne Deer
Director of Communications
Canada's NDP

Rob said...

Reading through the excellent comments and suggestions in the consultation, I can't help but think that a real culture shift has to occur in the NDP. You can consult the people and propose a Web strategy, but what will you do to get the decision-makers to love it and live it?

I don't believe you will be able to impose a techno-culture on the current NDP administration -- it's too full of relics and it is totally stuck in its ways. Doesn't matter that the new comms replacement is Joanne Deer, Tim Powers or Rita Smith.

In my opinion, there is an obvious need to attract new people, young people who would inherently bring the blog buy-in and the know how to disseminate fresh messaging in all the modern ways. Paper from the NDP in my mailbox or jammed in my door does not impress me at all ...

I strongly believe the party needs to go through a rebirth or a "rebranding," if you will. The Party needs to be rethought from the ground up and all the things you are asking for will be part of that.

The NDP is certainly off my radar. And there's definitely fewer seats left for the NDP after the next election, better blog integration or not.

Steve Janke said...

Why do you guys insist that using a blogger who routinely calls people who disagree with his politics wankers and skanks is the way to set up a professional relationship with a major political party?