Saturday, December 2, 2006

Attacking Dion In This Way Will Not Be Sucessful

It looks like Dion has won the leadership race; therefore, this is the person we will have to work to counter.

But this e-mail from the NDP today is not the way to attack Dion:
Meet the new face of Liberal arrogance and inaction

There's a new Liberal leader but it's the same old Liberal party. After 13 years of broken promises and corruption, the Liberals have picked themselves a new front man. Their choice - an out of touch academic who spent 10 years in a scandal ridden cabinet and who's record as Environment Minister was condemned by environmentalists and the Environment Commissioner. Liberal arrogance - some things never change.
I don't know about you, but I think that this line of attacks seems, well, kinda petty. Canadians are not going to stand for this type of shit, and if we continue with this type of thing, we'll lose votes. I mean "out of touch academic"! That's going a little too far in the ad-hominems!

The fact is, Dion is a man to be respected, and Jack Layton has said so: twice.

At the NDP Convention:
And then there's a son of this city -- Stephane Dion.

A man with whom I have fundamental disagreements about how Canada should build and renew itself.

But also a man who is, if I may say so across the partisan divide, distinct from his principal opponents in being a committed Canadian and a man of principle and conviction.

And therefore almost certain not to be elected leader of the Liberal party.
“I want to congratulate St├ęphane Dion on his election as the new leader of the Liberal Party. I am looking forward to debating with him and getting to work on the issues that are important to today’s families.

“Public service is a noble calling. All who are willing to dedicate their lives to serving Canada should be congratulated.”

So, yeah, we like the guy as a Liberal, and we should say so. But the way to attack him is where he and the Liberal Party have failed in fulfilling their promises. We should attack Dion on his record of the environment, where as minister he received the "fossil of the year award". We should show where Dion say one thing and does another. I think that this is a good start.

I don't want to see crappy attacks like that e-mail.


Charlie Barnard said...

It would be a bad move to attack Dion this way during an election campaign. The conservatives, of course, are going to try this. Canadians will see Dion for what he is, a man of integrity. We all know who the real enemy is, now let's try and stop him.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Agreed, entirely.

I think it's interesting, though, that they're not having Layton do that "dirty work," but having him keep the high ground while the backroom party people take the potshots. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but that might just mean something.

Northern BC Dipper said...

I think it's interesting, though, that they're not having Layton do that "dirty work," but having him keep the high ground while the backroom party people take the potshots.

Yeah, I've noticed that too. And I've also noticed that the negative message only came via e-mail, whereas most of the stuff on the website is Layton congratulating Dion.

This good cop/bad cop is interesting, but in the end, people assoicate Layton with the NDP and vica-versa.

Anna said...

I sent this out after I received the same email and the responses I've been getting are incredible. It's time to re-think our political and media strategies, me thinks! A copy went to Jack, Olivia, Peggy and other active dippers I know. Here's an interesting tid-bit. On the weekend, the NDP website read: "Meet the new face of Liberal Arrogance" and it now reads: "Meet the new Liberal leader"

Could it be those above sense this internal groundswell?

Here was my note:

To whom it may concern,

I've been watching CPAC on my computer all night and all of the energy and excitement almost makes me wish I was a Liberal. But then again, that's what these conventions are supposed to do! One thing is clear, however; Stephane Dion is no Paul Martin. Although this likely doesn't bode well for the NDP, it likely bodes very well for Canada. I think Dion's win should also be regarded as a definitive victory for grassroots democracy; an important fact that should not be overlooked.

I fear The NDP are going to do something (potentially) very silly on Monday. They are on a fundraising blitz this weekend to be able to buy ad space in Monday's Globe and Mail to "counter Liberal spin". Depending on the approach and nature of these ads, I think this could potentially reflect poorly on the party and especially on its leadership. Why can't the NDP take the high road for a change? I would like the NDP to demonstrate some statesmanship, acknowledge the promising new Liberal leader, then attempt to work with him and his party on issues agreed upon rather than wasting so much time and effort (and money) calling the Liberals names. Reading the NDP website makes me bitter and angry. It is not energizing and it makes me feel neither proud nor excited to be a member of the NDP. I think we want (need!) to focus more on reasons to love our party, and give less attention to hating the others. We are not antagonists but agonists and until we recognize this fact, little substantive, progressive, or sustainable change will be made.

As ideologically aligned as I am with the NDP, their mudslinging tactics are getting stale. As much as I defend the NDP, they make it harder and harder to do so with any great conviction. How the NDP react to this 'regime change' within the Liberal party will definitely affect the future of my relationship with the NDP. For the sake of the country, may we all be able to recognize and work towards the greater good and not be blinded by rigid party ideology. That being said, we must never ever compromise our principles, but if necessary, we must be willing to negotiate our preferences.


Anna Mather