Friday, October 20, 2006

Season Of Conventions: How Much Are Observer Fees?

It looks like there are a few provincial political party conventions going on.

The Alberta NDP is having theirs October 20-22. Observer Fees: $25 members/ $75 non-members

The BC "Liberals" are having theirs November 2-4. Observer Fees: Good luck trying to find any, though I hear that they are around $500 for Non-Members

The Saskatchewan NDP is having theirs November 17-19. Observer Fees: $25 a day to a maximum of $50 + GST.

Unless I've got something wrong here, it looks like the NDP Conventions have nothing to hide from everybody, while the BC "Liberal" Convention seems to try to do everything to keep the doors shut.



kurichina said...

Or the Liberals are just used to taking huge sums of money. I understand that their delegate fees are also ginormous.

Northern BC Dipper said...

Well, the BC "Liberals" aren't really like the Federal Liberals.

But the fees for the delegates of the BC "Liberal" Convention are $175 Early Bird, $200 Regular, $50 Youth, so they actually seem high average to me (not like the $990 Federal Liberal Leadership delegate fee).

I just find the observer fees interesting