Monday, October 2, 2006

BC NDP Needs To Communicate Message On The Economy Better

A little post on provincial politics today. Over here in BC, the economy is relatively good right now. This is due to the fact that resource commodity prices are very high right now. The BC "Liberals" are taking this stroke of luck and claim that they boosted the economy, untrue unless they have a guy with god-like powers boosting resource prices. However, the BC NDP is not communicating very well a message to counter the BC "Liberal" message. If the BC NDP is going to win the swing voters and thus govern BC, this situation must change.

Therefore, I think that the BC NDP needs to promote a clear, concise, three-point economic message, something to this effect:

Point #1: Protect the Prosperity - Prosperity is here right now, the question is, how can we ensure that we can keep it as long as we can? And what can we do to soften the blow once the economy goes, as it always must, down? For one, there must be a commitment to reducing the provincial debt. Secondly, smart investments are going to have to be made, especially in areas that improve BC's competitive advantages, areas such as universal health care and a educated populace.

Point #2: Fill in the Cracks - We know that even though the economy is good, people are falling through the cracks. The poor are staying poor while the rich get richer. The fact is, a province is only strong as its weakest citizen. The cracks simply need to be filled so that more unfortunate among us have the resources necessary to become more economically productive.

Point #3: Diversify Our Economy - The reason that BC's economy does so great sometimes and so poorly other times is because our economy is based on resources. To protect our economy, diversification must take place. We must find our competitive advantages and exploit them. With a quick thought, we have a competitive advantage in tourism (great scenery) and film-making (film facilities located in Vancouver makes logistics for films easier).

The three points can be filled with more snazzier content than what I provided, but it would be a great start in communicating out economic message.

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