Thursday, September 14, 2006

Liberals Need to Purchase A Mirror

I must find it funny that the Liberals are saying that the NDP is disunited on Afghanistan. Have they looked at themselves lately? Well, let's have a look for them.

Liberals on Afghanistan

For the Mission: Micheal Iggnatief, Scott Brision, Stephane Dion
Against the Mission: Carolyn Bennett, Ken Dryden, Hedy Fry, Joe Volpe, Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy.

NDP on Afghanistan

For the Mission: 2 MPs, a few bloggers.
Against the Mission: 90% of convention delegates, majority of caucus.

I think that ends that conversation.

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Idealistic Pragmatist said...

You forgot all the middle ground on Afghanistan (I'd characterize my own position as "forcefully agnostic on the mission," i.e., "I don't know and you don't either"). But point taken.

I think the whole "ha ha, your party is divided" thing is actually pretty silly to begin with, though. I'd be a lot more worried by the kind of extreme groupthink that would produce a single unanimous opinion.