Friday, September 8, 2006

Hail Gordon Campbell, The World`s Newest Dictator!

I was wasting some time during lunch, so I check my e-mail only to find out that Gordon Campbell has cancelled the fall session of the legislature because "there is no work to do". That is complete bullshit! Until such time as BC is the perfect utopia, there is work for our MLAs to do.

Sounds to me like Campbell and the BC Liberals are denying access of MLA`s, those who represent the people, to the Legislature, a forum where the concerns of the people are rased. By closing down the fall session, Campbell is denying the people a basic part of their right to democracy.

This is the type of junk I expect in a third-world nation, not BC. The BC Liberals have sunk to a new low.

Edit: Globe and Mail Link on this story


Tyler said...

What kind of BS is this? Gordon Campbell and his Liberals are going to be out on their ass when the next election comes around.

eugene plawiuk said...

This is par for the course in Alberta so I guess Gordy is trying to follow the tradition of Great Leader Ralphie

Jason Hickman said...

Was BC "third world" back when the NDP wasn't holding fall sessions (according to the G&M story that you linked to)? Or is your outrage only partisan-based?

Personally, I think it's not a good thing to avoid fall sittings altogether, though that's not to say that a government should be forced to bring in legislation if it doesn't think legislation is needed.

But c'mon, if you think Campbell et al are "denying the people a basic part of their right to democracy" (to quote your post), surely that denial is something that the NDP was just as willing to engage in (unless you can refute what the Globe said vis a vis previous governments).

Northern BC Dipper said...

Jason Hickman

The thing is, according to the Globe story, the Liberals cancelled a previously scheduled fall session, and that is shameful.

There are things that need to be done in BC, and the BC Liberals are running away like chickens. Shame.

Jason Hickman said...

How, precisely, is cancelling a session all that much better than not having one scheduled to begin with? In either case, you aren't getting a fall session of the legislature.

Again: I'm no fan of not having the legislature sit for 1/2 a year (or less). I think I made that pretty clear in my last post. But You didn't answer the questions I raised in that post...