Friday, September 29, 2006

Discussion On Health Care Cause For Concern

It looks like the BC "Liberals" are spending $10,000,000 on promoting a "discussion on health care". Well, okay, I think there should be more public consultation in regards to public issues. However, look how the BC "Liberals" are prefacing this discussion.
The government spends 42 per cent of its budget on health care, and that could grow to 70 per cent over the next decade, Premier Gordon Campbell said...
Now the statement above is an outright lie. A outright boldface lie. I'll let you click on those links to say why; no use in replicating good work.

It's kinda hard to have a discussion with results when the first words out of somebody's mouth do not reflect reality. Heck, if I were paranoid, I'd say that the BC "Liberals" are trying to cram a private health care system down the throats of BC's citizens.

The type of discussion that is needed should ask how can we ensure that everybody has universal access while introducing innovative methods. How preventative measures could be improved so that people won't have to use the health care system later. Heck, maybe there should be a look at what kind of procedures should be taking priority; everyone can agree that procedures like purely cosmetic surgery (excepting people like burn victims) should not be funded by the health care system.

We don't need a discussion that is designed to only leads to a certain predetermined conclusion. That is a disservice for everybody.

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