Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alternatives to the "Scowling Jack Days in Office Counter"

I've been seeing these "Thanks Jack, Stephen Harper has been in power ### days" counters around, and besides the fact that they are devoid of any truth whatsoever, they are just plain ugly. So I decided to make up a few counters of my own (well, sorta just the picture, don't know the code). Some of them are serious, some of them are funny. Let's have a look at them. Descriptions are at the bottom of each image.

Here's one blaming the Liberals for their own election loss in 2006. As you may know, the Liberals continue to try to blame other parties for their own election loss, not understanding that it was Canadian Voters that grew tired of them. I guess that they are trying to avoid facing the crisis in their own party. Ignore the inaccurate day.

This counter is based on the fact that the Liberals have been promising Canadians things such as Child Care and a better environment for the 13 years that they were in power. I wanted to put a picture of the 1993 Red Book, but I could not find one. So I think that this is the 2006 Liberal Platform.

This one is a funny one, based off of those famous "Every time you (insert action here), God kills a kitten. Please Think of the Kittens" Banners that have been around the Internet.

This one is about... wait a minute!, nobody wants to see that one ;).

If anybody is interesting in making actual counters out of these (except that last one), please ask my permission first.


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Ha! These are damn funny.

The thing that most amuses me about the "Scowling Jack" counters is that that was the closest the guy who made the counters could come to finding a picture of Jack Layton with a negative expression on his face. The guy must have searched high and low for a picture where Jack was doing anything but grinning!

Shawn Rennebohm said...

I agree.. they are funny.. as a conservative, I think that might be considered bad for laughing out loud at the kitty one.. but it was cute.

I looked at the code at lobster's site, and it's done with a swf file. I got the book here for flash, and I think you could create the code - run it off of the school server - and update the liberal counter.. if you really wanted to explore it..


Robert McClelland said...

Mine would be to use the one the liberals are using--but change the scowling Jack pic to a smiling Jack pic--with the words:

Thanks Jack.
It's now been xx days since the Liberals were allowed to steal taxpayer's money.

If you know how to do the coding for this, Shawn, I'd be interested in hearing about it.